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All classes are being taught on Zoom

Dear Friend in Christ!

     With much enthusiasm we are making this post to acquaint the Christian community with Springs of Life Bible College. We are a non–denominational, Christian College.  Our goal is to provide excellent training in the Word of God at a reasonable cost, to equip men and women to be ministers of God the Father, in the name of Jesus the Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

    Springs of Life Bible College was founded in 1977, by Dr. Amer and Dr. Carol Shab.  Our graduates have founded more than 100 other ministries. The average class consists of 10 to 25 students, enabling us to build nurturing relationships with our students and bring out the best that God has instilled into them. 

    Whether one is currently a ministry professional seeking more formal study, or in need of further biblical training to enter ministry for the first time, Springs of Life can provide the tools and in-demand skills needed. 

    We offer courses in Church History, Doctrine, Hermeneutics, Apologetic’s, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Ministry, Counseling, Hymnology and Theology.  Our students have the opportunity to earn a one-year certification through Springs of Life Bible College and advanced degrees through our Florida Affiliates as follows:

  • Associates degree, 
  • Bachelor’s degree, 
  • Bachelor of Theology, 
  • Master of Arts in Ministry, 
  • Master of Divinity, 
  • Master of Theology,
  • Doctoral Degree, 
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). 

    Transfer Credit and Life Experience are opportunities to gain further credit.  Upon graduation, we license and ordain our students that are called into ministry.

    Our staff is available to provide any additional information as needed. Please do not hesitate to call at 440-545-1210.  

Wishing God’s best for you and your congregation,

Springs of Life Education Board

Dr. Brinca Jo Hunter, President                  
Rev. Dr. Thomas Wilson, Vice President,
Rev. Dr. Mary E. Beavers, Academic Dean  
Rev. Dr John E Fisher, Academic Advisor ,
Rev. Beverly T. Vaughn, Registrar              

In addition, Springs of Life Bible College & Seminary of Florida has formed an academic partnership with the International School of Ministry. ISOM students can now transfer credits into the Seminary for Internet Classes in Florida, to pursue their Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree in Ministry.

Our mission is to be good stewards of God’s Word. We seek to do all things in light of the Gospel. We value persons as made in the image of God. Springs of Life Bible College is accountable to God. We are committed to the responsible use of its resources, values, and wise leadership so we will be found faithful stewards of our Lords possessions. Springs of Life Bible College is committed to a high standard of education and quality self-assessment processes. We strive to be a community of integrity. We are accountable in every respect to God who sees all things.