Issues of Life

Dr Beverly Jones, Issues Of Life Learn to explain Biblical principles as they relate to personal struggles we encounter. Teacher Syllabus.


Dr Glen Wright, Gospels Study of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  How are they alike and how do they differ?  Do they emphasize the sameRead More

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Dr Brinca Hunter, James Discovering how James analyzed with genuine faith and encourages his reader to demonstrate their faith and convictions in practical day toRead More


Pastors ToolBox

Dr. Skip Wilson, Pastors ToolBox Just what are duties, expectations/duties, obligations, work of a Pastor?  How does he care for his sheep?  What else doesRead More


Dr Skip Wilson, Bible An overview of the themes of the Bible in Old Testament and New Testament.   Teacher Syllabus


Roman Walk

Dr Terri Ellwitcz, Roman Walk An in-depth study of the Book of Romans.       Teacher Syllabus


Spiritual Authority

Dr Mary Beavers, Spiritual Authority An investigative look at Spiritual Authority — a look at its source and why it is essential for ministry andRead More

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Intercessory Prayer

Dr Lynn Savron, Intercessory Prayer What is Intercessory Prayer and what is involved in intercessory prayer?  Why is it important to be a follower ofRead More

Springs of Life Bible College

Know Your Ministry

Rev Lois Wolf, Know Your Ministry Just what is your ministry?  How does one determine their ministry and what it entails?


Dr Terri Ellwitz, Heaven Learning about Heaving and discussing questions we’ve been afraid to ask. Book/Randy Alcorn