Academic Information:

  • The student completing 11 months (33 credits) will receive a Certificate of Achievement.
  • Three (3) credit hours are equal to 40 to 45 academic hours of class lectures, assigned home study, required outside reading, and assigned projects.Classes:

• Springs of Life Bible College is designed to allow students to work their jobs, maintain their family lives, and complete their studies.


  • A one-time application fee of $70.00 is due upon initial registration at SOLBC. Noother application fee will be required unless the student does not take a class withintwo (2) years.
  • Tuition for SOLBC is currently $70.00 per course, to be paid on or before the secondclass session.
  • Other costs would include books and other study materials. The cost would rangefrom $5.00 to $40.00, and the books and materials would belong to the student. ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS

Institute of Ministry:

* 1-Year Certificate – Completion of 33 credits (11 courses). *2-Year Diploma in Biblical Studies, Ministerial License, or Ordination – Completion of 66 credits (22) courses). *3-Year Diploma in Advanced Biblical Studies – Completion Of 99 credits (33 courses)/ Theology – 145 credits

*4-Year Specialist Diploma in Divinity – Completion of 132 Credits (44 courses)/Theology – 145 credits.
*5-Year Advanced Diploma in Ministry – Completion of 165 Credits (55 courses)/Theology – 178 credits

  • Contact Dean for specific instructions for earning Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees.
  • The Number of graduation credits is divided among each of three major areas of study: Bible, Counseling, Ministry.
  • Graduates my be licensed in areas of ministry to which they are called by the Lord.