Springs of Life Bible College

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: Signifies that you educate and disciple others to work for the Lord; that you have an understanding of ways to bring others into a full and mature knowledge of the Lord.

DIVINITY: Covers a broad and general basis of study; gives an overview of all phases of one’s Christian walk and expertise. Shows the student has a knowledge of the basic facts of the Bible, its story line, and its characters. Especially good and useful for those desiring to become a ministerial candidate.

MINISTRIES: Testifies the bearer is capable of laboring in varied ministries. Good place to start when student has years of ministering experience – pastoring, children’s ministry, evangelism, etc.

NOUTHETIC COUNSELING: An intense field of study leading to a certificate. No psychology is involved. It is Christian Counseling. Nouthetic counseling is based solely upon the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. It instructs the student in counseling techniques of Biblical structure leading an individual into the depths of the Word of God, where all the solutions are located.

THEOLOGY: Study of Christian faith, practice, and experience. Study of God’s Word and of God’s relation to the world. It is important that this is earned only after one has basic divinity knowledge, and completion of pre-requisite coursework, to assure that the student is able to develop concepts and teachings from the Word, and to expand on Biblical truth.

SPECIALIZED AREAS: Custom-made program for students who feel the leading to engage in a specialized area of study (Christian Administration, Christian Leadership, Theology of Music etc.). SOLBC will work with the student to tailor a Specialized Degree to fulfill the call of God on his/her life. It is imperative that the student possess knowledge and experience in the area(s) of study prior to entering a Specialized Degree program.