School Values

Springs of Life Bible College


The theology of Springs of Life Bible College is rooted in the Word of God. Our statement of faith summarizes our key theological commitment.

We focus on the essential. We approach other questions in mutual respect and concern, yet desire nothing to stand in the way of Gospel unity. We stress respect for all persons. We recognize the central place of relationship in the endeavor and the pursuit of excellence in education. The importance of student/faculty and student/student relationship is stresses.

We are a faculty devoted to God, to the pursuit of truth through the use of the mind and Spirit.


Our mission is to be good stewards of God’s Word. We seek to do all things in the light of the Gospel. We value persons as made in the image of God. Springs of Life Bible College is accountable to God. We are committed to the responsible use of its resources, values, and wise leadership so we will be found faithful stewards of our Lord’s possessions. Springs of Life Bible College is committed to a high standard of education and quality self-assessment processes. We strive to be a community of integrity. We are accountable in every respect to God, Who sees all things.