Student Requirements

Springs of Life Bible College

Students must believe in JESUS CHRIST as their personal LORD and SAVIOR.

An application must be completed and turned in by the first class after you have made the decision to become a student. Prospective students may audit one class (three-hour session) with registering. There is no charge for this audit.

All books are to be purchased on or before the first class of each month. Tuition is to be paid in full no later than the second class (except by special permission of the Dean/Registrar). No student may register for a course until the previous course has been paid in full.

Homework is required to be handed in each week it is assigned. All final assignments are to be handed in no later than two (2) weeks after the final session of that course. Points will be taken off the grade for late assignments.

To receive credit for the course, the required homework and all assignments must be turned in no later than two (2) weeks after the last class session. Contact the Dean for special circumstances.

Attendance is required at all sessions. Should on class be missed due to an unavoidable circumstance, student must consult with the instructor for make-up arrangements. Two absences will result in a grade of incomplete, and the student must re-take the class or make it up at another online offering. Tardiness will result in points taken off the grade.

Class participation is encouraged, given in decency and order, and in submission to the instructor.

Prayer for one another is encouraged. The time for this is determined by the instructor. A minimum of four (4) courses are required to complete each level of coursework.

A student who has not taken a course within two (2) years of registration must re-apply and pay entrance fee to be re-evaluated in order to continue with his/her program of study.