Zoom Etiquette

Springs of Life Bible College

Please help us in planning for a successful online class experience for all the students and teachers. Following these guidelines will help our teachers during the class presentation.

  • Find a quiet space and dress appropriately.
  • Do not eat during class
  • Let household members know when and where you will be in class, and ask them not to disturb you.
  • Display your full name in your zoom profile.
  • Turn on your camera during the class. 
  • Be aware of your background, lighting, and noise.
  • Mute until you are required to talk. Use the Zoom functions to communicate if needed (chat, raise your hand, answer yes/no, etc.).
  • Use an appropriate zoom background when possible.
  • Turn off/silence cell or house phone when possible. 
  • Be on time to class. 
  • Communicate with your instructor (via their preferred communication method listed on the syllabus) if you will be late or if you lose your connection during class.
  • Engage with the teacher when appropriate during class. Pay attention! Maintain eye contact with the speaker on the screen.
  • Be prepared to take notes (on your computer or in a designated notebook) or to access course material (have textbook, or readings available).